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Sci-edge is not fiction.


Science is the word here at Sci-Edge.com. Have you ever been left out of the more 'happening' cliques back in school or even now, since no one ever understood
your interests in science? Hey, don't feel ashamed or embarrassed about your passion and interest in science. It's cool to be a geek nowadays. Just look at Gil Grissom (lead Crime Scene Investigator in CSI Las Vegas). It cannot be denied that he exudes
a certain sexy aura.

However if you do feel that you might be better off socializing and networking with people who do share the same interests as you, do check out Sci-Edge as it is a social networking site for
science hobbyists, technology and gadget freaks and not to forget science fiction fans. The benefits from socializing with people of the same interests as you is that you'll never run out of topics to talk about! Just imagine the fun you'll get out of a friendly debate with your partner about different aspects of science and also the many other things you'll get to learn about.

Members of the site (free membership!) also get opportunities to earn money by blogging and posting links. This is a brand new site, by the way, so you'll be one of the pioneers if you do happen to join now. How much more cooler can it get?


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