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First Time Ever..

Hi there.. I'm the so called the penguin boyfriend of ah ling.. Well.. THis is my very first time doing this.. I've no idea on what on earth is blogging is.. Until I meet my darling ah ling.. I was like being force to do this I was thinking of doing my very own blog soon.. But I wasn't sure of what name to put for my blog.. and what to write or post for it.. Maybe it should be on Software Solutions.. Network.. Servers.. Or maybe on consultation thingy.. Arrgghh !!!~!!! No idea le !!~!!! Or I will do just food photography.. But before that I will need to con someone or anyone to get a proper digital-SLR camera.. It can either be Canon 350D or Canon 400D.. It can be Nikon D70 or D50.. Arrgghh !!~!!! Stress!!!

I think I need to get back to work now.. If ever any of my colleagues see this I'm so F**KED.. I should be writing my business proposal and marketing plans.. But I need a break.. I can't write anymore.. Totally squeezeee... of all my brain juizes... =.='''

So any buyers for my Digital Camera... Am I too long winded... Well this is my first time ever.. So stay out of this.. muahahahhaa...

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