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Dim sum my ass.

Yesterday, the penguinboyfriend and I agreed to go for dim sum early this morning. Being the lazy non-morningsleep-deprived people we are, I was wondering if he could get up in time (okay, actually I was wondering about myself too), especially since he suggested the time. But okay, since he suggested (and it's very rare for him to suggest waking up so early in the morning. I should have bought lottery yesterday, heh), I agreed. He even insisted that he would be able to wake up because he set his alarm.

*sleepsleepsleep morning comes*

I woke up late, was dreaming of dim dum all the way.

Cute little siew mais which are making me hungry right now.

Checked my handphone. "No call from him also," I thought. So I started buggingcalling him. Called, and called so many times until i got fed-up and started reading today's newspaper. Suddenly, aiks! He called me back wor...(now can really buy lottery already!!). I asked him why he woke up and he said..."Because I banged my hand on the wall" o_0"""""""""

So I think it's a little too late for dim sum at this time.

That's why I'm saying now:

Dim sum



As usual, pictures stolentaken from HERE and HERE.

ah ling

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