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Blog Apocalypse - Goodbye Cruel World.

Okay, I was tagged by 5xmom who was tagged by many other people (the life of famous bloggers are not all play) to do a meme. FOr more understanding, please read Urban Monk's post about Blog Apocalypse, and for every link back to his site, he will donate $2. Maybe you're sceptical about it since there are many forwarded rubbish going around like "for every person who reads this little XYZ gets RM 0.02" etc.etc, but this is interesting wei.


I really have to stop getting distracted. Anyway, if the world were to end one day, or just say I could never blog again, ever, and this would be my last post, I would like to actually list down all of the horrendous secrets I possess.

Stuff like whom I had a crush on (yeah, and pray that the people involved in my secrets never read this site). Hmm...o_0 wouldn't you like to know? And also about a lot more stuff (sorry, I really can't say what since I know that there is NOT going to be a blog apocalypse).

I would also like to write about the people I've hurt, and let them know that it's not their fault; it's really mine. Hmm...lets see. I guess I also want to distribute my possessions (if you count clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags as possessions, then okay) among family and friends. (Sorry Don, the ipod is going to eh penguinboyfriend.)

And if possible, I would also like to flip the finger to a few people (as in "NAH!! Shove it up your orifice sideways!!!") online.

I guess that's about it. Oh yeah, and also tell most of you that I love you, and if we ever meet again I would like to do the 'hamster dance' for you personally.

And if I were writing this post in the event of a real blog apocalypse, then after writing all the above, I would just pray that it really did happen. Either that or make my family and friends give me back my stuff.

I tag:

ah Karen
Ang Gu Gu
Wei Men

and the whole lot of you who read this or link here! Sorry, getting lazytired to type.

ah ling

P.S: So faster go read about the Blog Apocalypse post and start your own meme.

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