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Corn helps you de-constipate.

*Disclaimer: if you have an active imagination and/or the talk of shite is strictly against your principals makes you uneasy then please skip this entry because quite frankly it is all crap (literally)*


Anyway, corn helps you to de-constipate (is there such a word?)Really. I went to shitethe toilet like twice in a row and each time I could see undigested bits and yellow kernels of corn floating merrily around in the toilet bowl.

nice yellow corn on the cob

So act now and buy corn! You can roast them, barbeque them, boil them, steam them, or even eat them raw (the white-kerneled 'pearl' corn are YUM raw) and say bye-bye to constipation today!!!

Just like this lady below:

Pictures taken from THIS SITE.

ah ling


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