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Buymovies.com - find hard to find movies here.

*Sponsored post*

I've been on a TV diet of late. People who know me or have been reading my blog know that I've been happily devouring C.S.I. Did you know that even with all the pirated DVDslocal DVD sellers around it is not easy to get the whole boxed set of a particular season? Or even if you do, sometimes the subtitles in the shows are nonsense? At www.BuyMovies.com, at least you get the original set AND you also get DISCOUNTS. Another great feature of
www.BuyMovies.com is that if you can't seem to find out which actor/actress acted in which movie or if you have any other movie questions, you can actually "email Tara" your questions (there is an option to send email on every page). Nice. There are also other hard to find movies available there like korean movies. There's even 100 days with Mr. Arrogant (it's super darn funny by the way).

Movie addicts, you know where to go now.


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