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Go 360 degrees for better workplace harmony.

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Imagine if you are constantly at loggerheads with your boss, all because he doesn't think highly of you, and yet there you are, slogging away for the company, giving 120% of your efforts towards your work in the company and you would also die for the company because too much of your time is spent in the company until your wife asks you to marry the company. So even though you get much positive feedback from your other colleagues, it doesn't count since in the end, your boss's feedback on your performance is the only one which counts in your performance appraisal. Time for a change, and change comes in the form of 360 degree feedback.

360 degree feedback is also known as multi-rater feedback or 360 degree appraisal and is designed to give real insight into how different groups of people (example: managers, peers, clients, customers, or just anyone who is familiar to you and your work may be included into the feedback process) see you as a person. This means that it is time to be a much nicer person.

The plus side for bosses who do incorporate this 360 degree feedback system in their company's staff reviews is that the communication within the business generally improves as it encourages a more open culture within the organization and the staff help better themselves as there is more constructive critisicm given and received. Pros for both employees and bosses. What could be better?



Most of us know someone who is really difficult to work with – not because they’re bad at their job necessarily, but because people can’t get along with them. You might hear people say “You think they’d get the message by now” – but it simply doesn’t work that way. And someone having a word with them often doesn’t work either because they just take it all the wrong way.
But a powerful new 360 degree feedback tool from Appraisal360 can make all the difference. Using the online system the individual fills in a structured questionnaire about their behaviour, attitudes and approach. Then the same questionnaire is emailed to six people who know the individual well and Appraisal360 compile a report based on all the inputs.
Because the feedback is anonymous people feel that they can be more honest and the individual is more likely to take the feedback on board if it comes from a range of people that they know and trust.
Richard Oppenheimer, Director of Appraisal360 said, “It’s very hard to hide from something if everybody is saying the same thing.”
But people often find that the feedback shows up qualities that they never realised they had too.
Richard went on to say: “360-degree feedback as part of your appraisal and development process you can bring some serious benefits to both your business and your people.”
• People gain much better self awareness by learning how their colleagues perceive them .
• People generally like 360 degree feedback. They take things less personally and are more likely to take on board what's been said.
• It helps people understand how their behaviour influences both their own personal effectiveness and how they impact the smooth running of the organisation.
• It improves communication within the organisation and encourages a more open culture where giving and receiving constructive feedback is the norm.
• It is a very powerful driver for change both for individuals and organisations as a whole.
The Appraisal360 system is entirely online, you can pay as you go with your credit card and is suitable for individuals, employers of all sizes and HR Professionals such as coaches and trainers.
You can try the system for free and you will only be asked for payment if you want to download the full feedback report.


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