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www.debtconsolidationlowdown.com - save yourself from debt.


Just now the penguinboyfriend and I went to try out massage chairs (the prospect of a free massage was too hard to resist!) and we were talking about ways of financing the chair when the salesman said that it was a norm for people around here to have four to five credit cards or more. The penguinboyfriend then pointed out that having too many credit cards can easily get one into debt because plastic is evil and sad to say, I have to agree with him *hangs head in shame*

Besides informative articles about loan consolidation, ways to save money and even on 5 questions you should ask yourself before loaning money to family and friends, there is a site called www.debtconsolidationlowdown.com which has many informative articles on how to save yourself from sinking into debt. I like the article on 27 fun ways to destroy your credit card. Funny stuff.


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