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My dim sum experience @ SOHO.

First of all, I managed to tear myself was away from the Internet for 2 days or so and quite a number of interesting things happened.

If you notice my advertisement somewhere on this page (go find it hor), you'll realise that it would be my first advertisement which I have received since signing up with Nuffnang (yay!). So go support the advertiser and check out their site please.

Other than that, people have updated their blogs, so that counts for interesting events.


My second time having dim sum (no more stories about dim sum after this for a long,long time,promise!)at Soho in One Utama was just as good as the first. Just that I never bothered to document the first time around in pictures.

Since the penguinboyfriend and I went there IMMEDIATELY AFTER finishing a 'yum cha' session at Coffeebean (where else), we didn't order much to eat. In fact, we were surprised that the staff actually let us in as it was already quite late.

Actually I only went there to fulfill my craving for ONE thing, but since it was the penguinboyfriend's first time there and I was paying he ordered two other dishes.

First up (thanks ah ying for introducing me to it, I can't get over it EVER.) Item number 403 on Soho's menu.

If you look closely, you can see that I only managed to take a picture of the wrappers, cos' we scarfed it all down before deciding to take pictures. The 'pao' or steamed bun looks orangey like that, and the filling is literally flowing. All I know is that there's salted egg yolk but it's salty sweet. Bah. Difficult to explain-lah. You just have to try it for yourself. Another alternative would be to try out 'Baoz', they have it there too except it's called 'Melting Gold'.

Next was:

Carrot puff pastry (?). Have forgotten the name already though. This is savoury and not sweet as what I thought.

And lastly:

Siew loong pau!!!!!!!!

There were six, but obviously two had been eaten already.

One more pau on its way down to the stomach.

Who ever said that penguins can't enjoy dim sum?

And just another picture of the chopsticks. They are edged in metal, making them very useful as a murder weapon pretty.

Overall, dining at Soho has not been disappointing as the service is not bad. The only problem you may face there is that most of the staff can only speak mandarin (and if you are a 'banana' like me, then bless you).

And if you are seated too far away, you can always press the 'Call' button to call them.Heh. Go see for yourself what I mean.

ah ling

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