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the penguin boyfriend says he's "harvesting". =.=''''

yeah, apparently he's helping my future father-in-law on the farm, and they're meant to be "harvesting". I wish i knew what needs to be harvested, but im guessing it's most prolly the kelapa sawit (oil palm fruit).

I CUT MY HAIR!!! *applause please * *standing ovations welcome too* *throws confetti blows own trumpet clashes cymbals *

And if i want to headbang now i can get my fringe in my eyes thus giving me the punk chick look heheheh . All the more reason to headbang.(I just realised: there is no need for me to wear shades when clubbing anymore, my hair can hide my eyes just as well, heheh.)

And i really need to bitch. Those of you thinking of getting the nokia 6280, please DON'T. Really, it's not the 'green-eyed' monster in me ( jealousy-lah, in case you didn't get what i meant) , but if you're unlucky (like me) the phone's software would most prolly be effed up. If you already have that phone and are facing the same problem like me, then god bless you. But if you have that phone and it's working fine, please let me know so i can 'switch' phones with you hor. I'll even throw in a free dinner!!!!


PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!