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I see what you're saying but I cannot understand your stand.

Please ignore the topic of today's post. I am just being contemplative. (And NO, i do not happen to be talking about my relationship with the penguin boyfriend.)
I love you, darlingpenguinboyfriend.


Topic aside, i went shopping again yesterday(it's alreadi 12 something am mar). So on Monday i bought 1 pair of shoes and yesterday i bought another 4 pairs of shoes and one handbag.

But yeah, i am nice (don't puke!), so out of the 5 pairs of shoes 2 are for me, 1 pair for the mother, and 2 pairs for future M.I.L. Handbag is for Jamie, because i can't bear to give up my small little Dorothy Perkin bag. (OI Sis, your new PINK bag costs more than the DP bag okay!!)

Shop Shop Shop. Damn, the alreadi depleted bank account is rapidly diminishing.


Just finished Brokeback Mountain. Damnit, gay porno with a storyline. Nah, just kidding. Dunno why, but i really felt for the sheep. Especially the ones which got dragged along. Overall it was okay-lah, had to watch the whole movie alone, cos tried watching it with the penguin boyfriend earlier, and when it just started he was already yawning.

P.S : Just went for a Balinese massage on Monday and throughly enjoyed it. Guess the only time the penguin boyfriend has no qualms about me being half-naked with strangers is when I go for my massages huh. And maybe around doctors too. Yeah, doctors. *contemplative* That didn't sound politically correct. Bah.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!