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yada yada.

Saw 'my' Dude Team carrying the bags of ice in the Spirit of KL Race? Pity that they didn't get 1st place or else they would have taken me out for dinner ^_^ it's just too bad.....yeah, damnit, months and months of preparations crammed into a (slightly less than) one hour TV show. And next will be the Spirit of Malacca. And then Spirit of Penang And then Spirit of ....................(fill in blank as you please).......*sweats*

Anyway, waiting for the penguin boyfriend to finish his 'watering-cum-cooling' session (also known as bathing) in my bathroom so we can watch 'xiao hai pu pen' or 'I not stupid too'.

We met his cousin Sara(h)? today for the first time. Yay, expanding my social circle of 'kwai loh' friends. hahah, i can hear him sneezing which means he should be out soon, so i better finish this post now. Have a great week ahead.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!