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time to sober up.

and i'm not talking about the after-effects of my drinking. Because i haven't drunk any alcohol in a long while. I was on an euphoric high ( nope, i don't abuse substances either).
Zoukfest = memorable. yeah. really. wanna know why?

cos it was the first ( and last!!) time i slapped one of my bestest ever friend. not even friend actually. more like a brother to me. Here's my public apology to you, Andrew.I'm so sorry.

cos it was freakin freezing and windy!!

cos i saw so many ppl i haven't seen since leaving high school.

cos i saw a certain local celebrity chef doing something else that he's (in)famous for besides cooking (apparently he was stoned)

cos there was something rather than someone hovering over me at nearly 9 in the morning while i was trying to sleep in Andrew's room.

cos i made some really nice ( not to mention sarcastic!!) friends.

cos it's the first rave i've been to.I even wore someone's shades.

cos it was my first time seeing and being in a port-a-loo.

and that's about it, unless something tiba-tiba pops out of my memory.


my main reason for blogging now is because i wanted to say that i heard a song just now in the car and it was in my head, and just now while blog-hopping, the first thing i saw in someone's blog was the lyrics to that song. and no matter if things blow hot and cold, i feel happier now. But maybe i'm just trying to tell myself that i'm happier. Is it working?
When i think back to whatever happened, and whatever is happening now, oh god. It seems to have gone up in smoke. I have been burned. Badly.
Sad that people, especially certain ones end up treating others like that huh? actually i shouldn't be surprised.

but whatever.

i went shopping on my own last week and got myself two pairs of sandals from Nose. Then earlier i went shopping with Karen and i got another jacket and a skirt. yay! the skirt is so feminine.(<----sweat).

And that's about all my bitching for today. Bless you all.

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!