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sarcasm as a religion.

really. Khut Winkert and Ah Ying style.

went to the Curve for the street party. Street party my ass. Ended up @ Coffee Bean drinking moggiato (<--how do you spell it??!) with onli ONE, yes ONE shot of coffee. Unlike SOME ppl, who had a TRIPLE shot. Was playing with tiny tiny star wars figurines, the chewbacca (<--is this the right spelling?) and those droids, and other creatures. Met another of Ah Ying's friends, this guy called Jay, and he works for Lotus in their R&D department. Cool eh? So he was talking about the lotus elise parked out front in the curve. then back to Rasta to drink..damn. i didnt have to pay for anything, nor did i have to drive. This is called being spoiled okay!! I'm back now, and i am so tired. nites..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!