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Extended stay.

I just came back from Ipoh just now. And today is Monday. If you're thinking about what i'm going to talk about, then yes, i did miss my classes today. And all with the blessings of the parents. *evil laugh*. They came back yesterday while i stayed on till today.

Aih. Please don't think that they advocate skipping class.Cos' they don't. It's just because of circumstances. Yes, CIRCUMSTANCES. Involving death and all that.. *sigh* i guess soemtimes death should be looked upon as a blessing especially if you are all alone in this world?Let's put it this way : I believe everything was fated to happen, once again. Life is so freakin' ironic!!! but the poor 'fei mao' ( fat cat) is now an 'orphan' so my auntie has another pet cat now.

Anyway the main reason we went back to Ipoh on Saturday was for a wedding dinner. That means we took pictures.

The seating was totally mixed up. Seriously. We thought there would be a shortage of seatings..hey, i even volunteered to sit on the floor okay. Damn sad. And even though the venue was air-conditioned ( Tai Thong @ Heritage Hotel) and i was wearing a tube i was sweating.. =.='

I want to continue raving and ranting about the stupid small girl who was supposed to be seated behind me, but maybe her ass was really itchy, so to stop it from itching she had to keep going to the other side of the restaurant ( cos there was another wedding dinner going on) and in the process keep banging my chair. fucking annoying!!and she didnt just bang it once or twice. But MANY MANY TIMES. i really felt like sticking my chopsticks up her orifices okay. You may think that i am just being mean/cruel /other unflattering adjectives but if you were me you would prolly have wanted to do the same thing too (and more!!).

So i just sat there and drank Carlsberg. The waiter even kept refilling it for me. Hurray for good service!! And the dinner started off really early. Like at 7.30. That's so early, kan? Normally everything is delayed and stuff. But the food wasnt that good. And most of the time i was texting ppl. So my dinner companion was my lovely handphone.

fuck. the pictures can't be uploaded to photobucket.com today. The connection sucks again.

this post was supposed to be accompanied with pictures. DAMN. Anyway my photoshop programme is gone, so it's currently being downloaded.

damnit. Misunderstanding or not, there doesn't seem to be a reason not to hate that person. Apparently they don't like him too. Hey, everyone's BUSY, okay? People just have time for other things which are more important to them. So what if im not on the priority list anymore? Friendship just can't seem to compete with other things rite? Especially if it's a friendship with me.

so whatever. One burden less, and i'm happier. Truly. I'm not just saying it to make myself believe it. Yay. back to college tomorrow, and then my appointment at 5 pm after.


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