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it's a mixed up world.

there's no reason to go crazy though.

seriously, everything's all weird and stuff. Did i mention i refuse to start dating again so soon? Cos' i really don't feel like being in a relationship anytime soon again.

When i told dearest Rew Rew about my suspicions, he tells me that that was what he thought too, cos of the body language. Great. (<---dun say who's it all about yah, Drew.) Argh.Argh.

Anyway, i am digressing. Back to the original post i had in mind..

The person i feel best suited for me, i don't think i will ever have a chance with him. Unless he breaks off with his current beau now, but i wouldnt be able to live with myself if i knew that it was because of me.So i think i can just forget about it. ARGH. this is so frustrating.SO, SO,SO,SO,SO, UBER FRUSTRATING.

And now all these other people in the picture.

Weird, but when i'm not looking for a beau, i get all this, but if i'm on the prowl, i get ZILCH.ZERO.NADA. *makes fingers into a shape of an 'O' *


On other matters, i got really pissed off today, but i'm not going to say why here. But i got to eat pork mee after.Heh.

And CONGRATULATIONS & CELEBRATIONS TO ME!!! I lost another kg. YAY!! SO FREAKING HAPPI!! now to keep it off forever. Next goal : 50kg.


rew rew,

may you find happiness with Mr. A. For we ourselves determine how happi we want to be.


and i think that's all for now. Have a great week ahead people.

"Temperatures are rising here, and i'm not just talking about the weather either....."

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