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Part 1 : Malacca roadtrip.Eat, eat and eat - The best Chicken Rice Balls ever.

Started work on May 3rd, managed to hit the road for a road trip, and got my paycheck! Woohoo for the moolah!

But anyway..

We stayed at Holiday Inn Malacca. Can I say that the service was fucking FANTASTIC, EVERYONE of their staff there were constantly smiling and ever so helpful. I find that great, considering the fact that we are no 'orang putih' (white people). Yeah, don't you know, it is quite sad that in Malaysia foreigners get treated better most of the time (not always), since many people have this thing about treating non-Malaysians better than fellow Malaysians. In fact, if you wish to experience this first hand, try being in the same plane of a local airline with foreigners

But I digress.

Entrance to room.

Yeah, the rest of the photos are in the partner's camera.

Anyway, there's a rain shower in the bathroom, flat screened TV, ironing board + iron, safe, extra pillows in the cupboard, fridge and complimentary bottles of mineral water. Ooh, and on each of the pillows are cloth bands with little signs stating if they are 'firm' or 'soft'.

What do you do if you've just woken up and have time to kill?

You take photos-lah.

Excuse my 'just woken up face' and the craterpimple on my forehead. It was Bad Skin Week™.

According to the partner, one is SOFT and the other is FIRM. Hmmmmmm....o_O

We were having a lot of fun playing with the tags while waiting to check out ok -__-"

There's also another picture, but it is a bit *ehem* not suitable for viewing purposes. Jamie who was fortunate enough to see it will attest to that teehee.

Chicken rice balls are a MUST HAVE if you ever visit Malacca. The unique part of this dish is that the rice is shaped into balls. There are loads of places to eat this dish, but the one we always go to is the one in Batu Berendam.

We were lucky enough to wait for only a while before getting a table to sit at. The line for 'ta pau' was omg, super long. This is what the counter where all the food preparation looks like.

Guy walked past and blocked the view. Grrrrrr.

The guy on the left is actually blocking the view of the uncle who chops the chicken when it is ordered. A drumstick? No problem. 5 seconds is all it takes. Seriously. He chops so fast, our friends swear chicken bits actually fly all over, so beware! You have been warned!

Auntie scooping out the pre-prepared chicken rice balls.

Whie waiting for the chicken rice, we had this dish below, ordered from a stall OUTSIDE the shop.

Don't know what it's called, had little fishballs, pineapple bits and other fried-ty stuff in a sauce. Nice!

The chilli sauce has to be good, or else you will not get the complete chicken rice ball experience.

The chicken rice balls! FYI, we ordered 40 at first, but added another 20 later on. Satisfying our gluttony never tasted so good.

Half a chicken for 4 people.

This is how I eat it:

Chilli sauce, 'kicap pekat' (thick soya sauce), rice balls and gravy from the chicken all-in-one.

Excuse the hurriedly taken photos. We were all too hungry to bother about taking nice photos.

You know, besides the great tasting food we get and great people we meet in Malacca, the next best thing about eating out is the price. For a KL girl like myself, I love getting a 'heart attack' when it is time to pay. 'Heart attack' here in a good way.

Total cost of chicken rice balls meal for 4 people:

60 rice balls
half a chicken
4 drinks

Total : RM 20.20

Bloody hell. It cost roughly 4 freaking GBP. OMFG. Told you eating out in Malacca is dead affordable.


Cendol, the old-school way.

ah ling

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