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PSP 3000 - Piano Black + Peanut Batman game

Got kind of sick of the boyfriend's constant unhealthy attachment to his PSP that when we were in a shopping mall in Glasgow, and wandered into a GAME shop and saw that PSP consoles were going for quite good prices. And so I caved....

Logitech case for this baby. Looks a lot nicer than beebee's case, but I'd have to say that his PSP case is a lot more functional as there is space to keep game discs in it.Pffffft.

My console came bundled with a Lego Batman game (hence the Peanut moniker I'm giving it; don't believe me? Go see what little yellow Lego Men look like). The new PSP is due to be released soon in October if I'm not mistaken, but at the estimated launch price, I'd much rather pay a bit more money and get an Xbox 360 or the new PS3 Slim.

And then just before typing this post I got bored, and made our PSPs *ehem*

Sorry beebee, too bad you're asleep and by the time you see this it will be too late hurhurhur.

I'm aware the Scotland trip pictures are still due, but I've just had BOTH my parents add me on Facebook wtf and I'm kinda traumatized at this point -___-

ah ling

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