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Cafe Masala - Indian takeaway in Sheffield

Had an Indian takeaway for dinner tonite as the boyfriend and I were too lazy and couldn't be quite arsed to cook for dinner as we are both lazy bastards lol.

Went online to Hungry House and Just-Eat to look up the takeaways and menus listed there. Finally decided to order online from Cafe Masala, and this is what we had:

1) Lamb Vindaloo (cooked with very hot spices, potato and lemon)@ GBP 4.45
2) Tandoori Butter Chicken (cooked in a rich creamy and mild sauce, garnished with butter) @ GBP 5.50
3) 2 lamb Biryanis - one for each of us (all biryani dishes are prepared with rice and are served with vegetable curry) @ GBP 4.95 each
4) Garlic naan @ GBP 1.80

The food was lovely. Loads of lamb in the biryani, and the curries were quite nice as well.

Total cost of eating in and watching G-Force and Public Enemies = GBP 21.65

That's approximately RM 121. You lucky Malaysians back home get all the nice food back home for a fraction of that price. Blek.

P.S: Potato the Hamster loved the popadoms too. It's on a junk food binge nowadays wtf.

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