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The honesty shown by the people in Britain..

..is bloody overwhelming.

Went to York last week on the boyfriend's and my day off with our intention to get my mum's birthday present (btw, got it, a Burberry purse, it has just been sent back by DHL in order for her to open it before she flies off to Geneva).

Got her the long wallet in the Burberry Haymarket Woven design, not the clutch. Could only find the picture of the clutch online and not the wallet. More fool me for not taking any photos of it.

Anyway, the boyfriend bought some Body Shop stuff (wtf i know, and unthinkable lol but some of the items were for me), I shopped at Marks and Spencers and Dyberg Kern and we both got some stuff from Polo Ralph Lauren.

To cut the long story short, he accidentally left the bag containing my Marks and Spencers, Dyberg Kern and Body Shop (all in one bag for easier lugging around) in the bus, and we only realized about it when just boarding the train to get back to Sheffield.

Poor bastard, I was in a really foul mood all the 50 minutes journey back home. There was 100 quid worth of shopping there, do you really blame me? -___-"

The very next day he went all the way back to York to try to hunt the stuff down in the hope someone would have passed it on to the Lost and Found, and what do you know, someone really had turned in the bag containing EVERY DAMN THING. NOTHING WAS TAKEN AT ALL.

(I'm wondering if back home you'd even see the plastic bags again at all).

So to the person who turned in our shopping to the Lost and Found, thank you very much. Your honesty is much appreciated.

ah ling

P.S: Next time we go shopping he's carrying his own stuff and me, mine, so if we lose anything we can only blame ourselves wtf.

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Wah lau you are so lucky! Hehe.. That's really great. My boyfriend recently left his Dan Brown book (with a note from me in it) at LCCT on the way home and we phoned AirAsia but they never found anything. :( It's sad but true huh.

omg, that's our country for you eh?
I know, extremely lucky =)!!!

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