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Heart of Asia - Hard Trance Bootlegs 2008

Was just clicking on random music videos on Youtube, when I came across this video:

Check out the girl getting tattooed in traditional Japanese style also known as 'irezumi' or 'horimono' which infuses bold colours.

But anyway, after that video, I found a remix which also appears on Hard Trance Bootlegs 2008 CD by Masif DJs. Which led me to google more info about the album, and I bought it from Amazon.co.uk. Lol.

Sigh...Yam feeling like getting another tattoo now, wistful thinking, wistful thinking ah ling....

P.S: Dreamt last nite that I was back in Malaysia, and was out with someone (Mum? The boyfriend? Can't remember who now) at a food court, and EVERYONE was bloody staring at my back, and I got so 'tulan' (pissed off) I purposely tied my hair back so they could have a better look -___-"

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