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He has a twisted sense of humour...(Photos included)

..but I love him so.

That twisted streak in him rears is evident in photos captured during our Scotland trip like the one where...

he grabbed/covered my mouth outside the Dewars whisky distillery.

And how about the time he took pictures of..

..sheep dip (or shite.Poo.Defecate.Excremement wtf)

Or making me pretend that my hand is a train.

Btw, we missed the train in the background. Apparently it only runs once a day, and we missed it =( The train in the background appears in one of the Harry Potter films apparently (don't ask me which one, I don't like Harry Potter but am a bit disappointed we didn't get to see it).

He even likes to take pictures of me sneezing.

And taking the piss out of tourist attractions is loads of fun as well for ushim wtf.

But wtf, catching me when I'm literally with my pants down?!


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