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Of Evisu Genes and more...

In the last 7 days, I have bought 7 pairs of Evisu Genes (Yes, they are spelled 'Genes' instead of 'Jeans' wtf). That works out to buying a pair a day on average wtf.

Click HERE to see one of the designs I bought or click HERE for Evisu's official site.

No, they are not all for me (just one pair is). And NO, no fakes as well thank you very much.

Items bought in the past few days include Fendi sunglasses and Fred Perry polo-t's. Oh, and quite a few dresses from Warehouse (Tank yew bee!! ^_^)

At the rate I'm spending money this month, well, looks like I will have to eat British sand for the rest of the month and we are not even half way through yet sob sob.

Let's just say I've 'pumped' in roughly 700 pounds (Beebee if you're reading this don't kill me pls!) back into the economy here lol.

Sakit hati lah. Purse I lagi sakit.


Onto other matters, Adam visited me!! Hooray! Thanks for coming down to Sheffield sayang *HUGS*

That's about it for now I guess. Tired. Tired. Tired..

ah ling

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700 pounds?????????
Stop it there, babe!

stopped for this month, lol...

Also cos Adam came visiting mar..hehehhe..pete also paid lol!

Your bro so 'tua hann' liao, time flies!!

Yaman, so tua hann edi and I feel really old now...
and I need a direction towards work

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