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A purple-haired Chinese guy..

..just sent me a message in Facebook saying :

"Nice 2 meet u here..
i'm Crave chin live in kl...
wat about u ?
can i have any contact for chat wif u or date u ? hehe"


Damn sedih.

Anyway, go check out his profile if you wish. I've given him enough (UNPAID summore wtf) publicity on my blog as it is.


kill him x3....... wtfbbq, he terribly hopeless is his biz but dun ever try to think he manage to pull my girl girl, different class ok???? He is no class actually

Kill him x4...lol

okay lah, kill him x 12 (4x3) lol...

-__-"" violent-nya, teman-teman aku..ishish

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