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I look at all the advertising opportunities available in different websites, and think that 'Darn, I wish I had my very own dotcom' as many of the opportunities available are only for bloggers with their own web domain.

And so I do my own 'research' on the different webhosting providers and what they have to offer. And quite honestly, I have not gotten very far.

Question: And why is that?

Answer : With all the vast options available universally in the virtual world, how does anyone make up their mind ? (-> Okay, that is a question answering a question, but I digress)

The point here is, if you are looking for a new web hosting service, where do you turn to?

Try the aptly named WebHostingGeeks.com, a site which has provided web site hosting reviews, ratings and awards since 2004. There, you get to read independent reviews of web hosting providers, therefore enabling you to weigh the pros and cons and the prices of the web hosting services provided.

If that is not interesting and informative enough, check out their blog section where many different (yet relevant) issues are discussed. Topics like "Should you consider a premium domain?" should be of much interest to a person like myself, still in the midst of considering moving to my very own domain, or even of much interest to a business-minded person.

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