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The first time I saw snow fall was on my birthday earlier on this year.

And now, it's been practically snowing everyday for the past few days, causing everything to be covered by a really nice white layer of snow.

It's bloody slippery cos most of the snow has turned into muddy slush, and there are many frozen patches of ice.


Anyhow, got some pictures from playing in the snow, but yam too lazy to upload them, as well as the pictures from London.


ah ling

P.S: Dear people who have called me from Malaysia (and one from New Zealand, heheh), but had the line cut off, I'm awfully sorry about that. My phone is effed up, and likes to turn off even though the battery level is full. Other than that if you have been trying to call me when it's early early morning here in UK, sorry if I answered your call sounding grouchy.
Malaysia time is 8 hours ahead of UK time yeah, so please keep that in mind that it's not really a good idea to call me at 3 pm in the evening there o_O

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