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Uber tired.../ Tai Wu dim sum affair in Manchester.

..because I have been swimming everyday for the past 5 days. Yes, I joined a gym, and I normally head there after work, and it's approximately a 40 minute walk back home after that, so I am so knackered.

God, muscles I never knew I had are aching.

Other than that, Chinese New Year is coming, and I'll be heading down to London again to see how the festivities are held in China Town there. Oh, and to squeeze in some shopping too =)

Went to Manchester sometime last week and shopped as well as had dim sum! StoleTook some pictures from my friend's camera (obviously I have yet to upload the pictures from my camera).

In front of the arch at China Town.

While waiting for the dim sum to arrive, we cam-whored.

See the chee cheong fun thingy? Well, there's 'yau char kwai' (fried doughstick) in it, and I LOVE IT. First tried it in 2007 when I visited my friend in Norwich and he took me out for dim sum. I just had it 2 days ago as well =)

One guy and three members of the hair band gang. Lol.

Will update more the next time. Or at least I'll try =)

ah ling

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