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Law enforcement officers' gear.

5.11 Tactical

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I read somewhere the other day that law enforcement officers seem to be looking younger and younger. Heh. Maybe it is just because we are getting older, and so to our eyes they keep looking younger and younger. Or maybe, it is because they have a much wider choice of wardrobe, from different shirts to eyewear.

And I know I am digressing here, but talking about eyewear for law enforcement personnel brings back a memory of a friend telling me to check out the policemen in Italy wearing their aviators sunglasses.

Well, back to the topic, there are no aviator sunglasses on 5.11 Tactical's website which sells all sorts of gear for the law enforcement officer, but the eyewear which is sold there at extremely competitive prices are apparently premium protective eyewear which is a result of the design partnership of 5.11 Tactical's with expert firearms trainer and decorated former U.S. Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales.

After looking at all the accessories which are available for sale there, it made me realise exactly how many items a law enforcement officer or personnel has to carry when he or she goes about on duty everyday. Respect, really. Accessories meaning things like a back-up belt system, cuff pouch, gun holster pouch, a baton pouch, mace (a much stronger version of pepper spray) pouch,
double mag pouch, ties and knee pads as well. Gosh, that's really a lot of things to carry around on any given day.

Well,I really cannot picture the law enforcement personnel or "mata" (Malaysian street word for law enforcement personnel) back in Malaysia wearing the polo t-shirt or even more so, the shorts. -__- Maybe it is because I have been used to seeing them wear the navy blue uniform since I was young.

Nevertheless, there are freebies in store as well, as the website so aptly put, "they are trying to get the most bang for your buck". As a bargain hunter myself, that sounds right good :)
Freebies include a code for free shipping for orders above $50.00 and other free gifts as well. If it sounds good to yourself, then go have a look and not just take my word for it.

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