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Braden Power - A Founder of Power Properties.

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Aptly named after the founders, Power Properties’ name says it all. Power Properties was formed in 1990 to rehabilitate buildings in the more run down parts of Dallas, Texas.

Take a look at all the properties available for sale or for rent on Power Properties now. I am so envious. Really. Look at all the designs of the properties there. Personally I feel that the even the names (Stardust!!) are so pretty and the pictures of the properties help reinforce that notion of mine.

It is really interesting to note that Power Properties is partly the brainchild of
Braden Power, who was a ‘troublemaker growing up where hardly a day went by when he did not get caught leaving campus, talking in class or committing other minor infractions at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.’

It is also worthwhile mentioning that Braden Power had a talent for creating living space that would appeal most to young, single professionals and also understanding that to his target audience, design and community as well as convenient places were extremely important.

If you are living in Dallas, Texas or looking to move there soon, have a look at Power Properties online and check out the various properties available there. Any enquiries can also be answered 24/7, and the contact number is on the website as well.


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