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Human-made Nokia Snake game.

You know, the game where you control the snake going around the screen of your handphone. Watch what happens when the 'snake' is made out of humans. Pfft. 'Chiak par seong engh' (loose translation of Hokkien = eat full already nothing better to do) lar these people. But interesting. Heh. Enjoy!

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Hmm....could be you!
Where are you la? When is our yam cha session? Miss every single bits of you leh..
And I really mai cho lang liao!
Oh ya, Ah Ling, I hate you!!!
I hate you and your LV!!!
I hate you to the very extent!!!

bilakah you are free?
cos when you free on weekends i'm not free mar...damn sad rite? summore you stay so near.

why you hate me? don't hate me lar =(

i saw ms ho's facebook, she also has the speedy but her's is the damier..

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