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Today, I am happy.

Yes, can't you tell it was a good day for me from the title above?

CamwhoredTook some nice photos (me likey!!) with the boyfriend. Hiao-ness maximum I tell you.

Unfortunately, we will all have to wait till he passes me the photos because we used his camera -__- I have to agree, using a bulky DSLR kinda sucks during random moments of vanity, so yam thinking (I said THINKING) of getting a better point and shoot camera *coughcoughhintcough*

Yes, I have one, but it's so ancient that if you were to put the boyfriend's Sony T-10 and my old BEN-Q (an impulse purchase nearly 5 years ago) together to have camera porn, they would be having MILF sex. And sad to say, the MILF would be my BEN-Q camera. Bleh.

Okay, going to sleep now, enough of nonsensical rambling.

Before this post endsI want to say that I know that I still have not blogged about the Sunburst KL event where the boyfriend and I were so kindly invited by Tuborg (same company as Carlsberg) to 'Grip & Grin' certain artistes..please blame it on ah Don and pester him to give me the pictures So until then, here's a picture which is NOT of the Sunburst event, but at least you'll get to see me looking totally spastic.

Tsktsk *shakes head*

Picture taken by Donny.

G'nite folks.

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