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I'm quite 7 tulan now.

Damn 7 ('chatt') tulan okay.

Have fuck loads of work to finish up NOW (at home), things haven't really been going well at work (I know the meaning of stress now) and I'm damn fucking tired.

To top it all, the boyfriend is always tired (not his fault really), but this means that I've actually quite a fair bit to bitchtalk about my work, and I've no one to talk about it to.

AND. It also feels like there's no time for me but he can blog. Well so can I, and I'm doing it or else I will go stark raving mad. So.Many. Things. To. Talk. About. And. No one to tell it to.

No, not true. The person I really want to tell it to has no time for me.

I am damn 7 tulan today.

< Edit > after reading something shortly after I published the post above, I would like to say that I'm not so the tulan anymore because I just had another wake up call. < /Edit >

- The End -

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can! lol.. so fast leave a comment ar?
when free next week u must come near my office! got this jap place is damn nice and damn cheap okay!

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