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clinique happy HEART.

Tank yew many many sweetheart!!

The present really made my day. Guess that's what you meant by 'happy things' eh? ^_^

The weirdest thing of all is that quite lately, I've been catching whiffs of that smell, and whaddya know, now I have my very own as well as a lovely pink eyeshadow!!!

And I was just musing a few days ago to myself that all the perfume I own are all gifts. Yup, just a random fact about myself is that I have NEVER bought perfume for myself in my life.

So yay! New perfume! Mwah! *Hwugs*

ah ling

P.S: Dear Ah Drew, if you happen to read this post, please gimme a call. I've been calling you but maybe I've gotten the wrong number or something since you've not been answering. Anyone of you dear friends out there if you are in contact with him text me his number please! Thanks!

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