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Coming up next : Tuborg beer launch party.

Won't blog about this today, but just to sum up the above, I got invited by Audrey for the Tuborg beer launch party. (Thanks babe!!!) FYI, it's under Carlsberg. Anyhow, pictures are all with Donny and I haven't gotten any of the piccas yet.

Anyway yesterday was a really interesting day for more reasons than one. Hmm..I guess one of the reasons why would be that I actually got chauffeured there in a Beemer, and for the first time in my life EVER, there was a real bodyguard who actually opened the door anytime the small fart or I got in or out of the car. Thanks to my dad who actually made it possible. Heh. All the more reason for me to go look for some rich men now.

More about the Tuborg party later. Gotta sleep in a bit. Hooray for a weekend where I'm not working! Have a good one! ^_^

ah ling

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