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Tuborg Launch Party.

As promised, here are some of the pictures stolen taken from Don of the Tuborg Beer Launch party @ Marketplace (no, NOT Central Market or whatever market you maybe thinking about, okay? It's a really nice bar @ Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, and the music played on that night was just fab).

< Edit > BTW,everytime I hear/read about Tuborg, all I can think about is cyborg, wtf. Damn the similiar sounding words. < /Edit >

All of us looking forward to the free beer and still quite sober.

The beer was not the only free thing we got.

And then, things started to get a wee bit kinkycrazy.

Memang pun chao lala & chao ah beng.

OMFG, I look so wtf here.

ah ling's Lessons in Love Part 1:

If you can't get a man willingly, drag him home.

ah ling's Lessons in Love Part 2:

But before that, always make sure that there's no one else dragging him too.


Thanks to ah Don for the photos and to Audrey for the invites.

ah ling

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