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Mortgages and loans for poor credit rating holders.

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It is true; the more plastic we use, somehow the more in debt we seem to find ourselves in. And I realise that Britain is pretty much a cashless society. Hell, I even get to use my debit card to pay at fastfood restaurants, how cool is that? But anyway, I digress. The fact is, with debt being accumulated under your record, this means that you end up with poor credit rating. In case you don't understand just how serious a poor credit rating is, well, with poor credit rating you will find it difficult to get loans and other financial services such as a mortage from financial institutions.

Worried now about not being able to get a mortgage especially since you just found the property of your life? At www.berkleyvittoria.com, however, they offer a unique service where even if you have an adverse or a bad credit record, they will assist you in applying for the most suitable mortgage or loan for you, even if you are living in a 'Problem Property' (properties which are located near mine shafts or even a flat which is above a commercial property). On top of that, they also pride themselves on their excellent customer service, which means that you will be assigned a dedicated case handler and home visits too are an option which also means that you can get assistance on any paperwork within the comforts of your own home.


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