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mySparks on MySpace.

*sponsored post*

Widgets are nifty little objects. Really, they are. They bring Sparks into your life. Okay, enough with the puns. Actually, widgets can bring sparks into your life. There is a widget which is being sponsored by Impulse right now and it is called 'mySparks'. It is actually meant for your MySpace page, but you can see mine right below.

click here to change the colour of your widget
click here to get your own widget

What it does is that it enables visitors to your page type in their MySpace profile name to find out how much 'sparks' there are between you and them. So if you have been secretly fancying a really cute guy, go get checking to see if he has the widget on his profile page!
You can pick up your own mySparks widget here as well. Registering takes just a little while (a lot less time than daydreaming, okay?), but it's well worth the fun. The website to pick the widget up from is pretty too.... =)


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