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A few more pictures of Rome.

All pictures below were taken with a Nikon D40.

The Trevi Fountain at night.

Really glad that we were able to visit it at night, even though we were exhausted and hot and tired and cranky.

Here's what it looks like in the daytime.

Guess the building below?

Yup, it's the Colleseum.

Hie, it's me, ah ling.

The original 'platform' is gone. What you see are actually the ruins of the rooms below the 'platform'.

The Arch of Constantine which was just near the Colleseum.

While in the Colleseum, Joyce suddenly turned to me and said "Back in Malaysia, the Colleseum is where we go to eat steak" . =.=""

Later on, I found out that apparently she thought that I had made a stupid remark so she told me that. The thing is, I didn't say anything in the first place......=.=""""""""""""""""""""

More pictures later. Getting lazy now.

ah ling

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yo..sista..apa buat?? bila balik?

hey...sorry, didn't see your comment...back last week..=)

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