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24 hour rain on my parade.

Holy shit. It's been raining nonstop for 24 hours or more already. Whatever happened to SUMMER?!

Some of my friends said that the sun refuses to shine cos' it's been working too hard. Start at 3 something am, finish at around 10 pm, and start again at 3 something am. But it doesn't come out everyday! This is cheating!! Unfair!

The sun is probably saying "So sue me!"


What do you think?

ah ling

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hey sharron,

this has notthing to do about me wishing scotland to be raining right? O_o?

The sun is just being moody.

yup, no worries.

it's PMS-ing kua, either that or throwing a horrible tantrum and it seems as if god is pissing on us all.

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