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Something big is coming?


Good lord, the wild and crazy folks at PPP never fail to amaze us Posties (and also the rest of the world). First, a bunch crazy videos, then it was the move up to RockStartup. What next? According to them, they will be announcing some really big news in the next few weeks, and the whole purpose of this opportunity is to ask us to guess what it is. I bet it sure will help us(and them too) increase site traffic. How interesting.

Since they love good rumours and they want to know what we think they will be announcing, well, I'm going to guess. But under normal circumstances (knowing the way I think) I would normally guess rubbish, so I'd better guess properly this time.Hmm... This is tough.

Are they going to invite the top 10 earners to visit the PPP team at their headquarters (if so, lucky 5xMom)? Or could it be that the PPP team are going to take turns shaving their heads? Could it also be that the PPP team are willing to be cabaret dancers or even exotic dancers for a night to raise funds for charity and posties who are willing to watch the live feed or performance can donate money via Paypal? I'm getting a little too carried away here, but hey! Think wild! crazy! right? Especially since one will never know what crazy schemes folks at PPP are capable of.

Okay, I'm all out of ideas. To be honest, I'd better stop thinking of stuff right now because my imagination is veering towards the 'corrupted' side. But hey, you can be sure that something big is coming to PPP soon and we look forward to the day when it happens!


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