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Long overdue short review of Cafe Cinno

This is a totally long overdue post + pictures of Cafe Cinno in the Hilton KL , the one opposite KL Sentral. Went there with Jamie last time and while I was waiting for her (she disappeared somewhere into the offices deep within the labryinth of hotel rooms), i parked myassself at the Cafe.

View of the bar from where i was seated:

View of cups/pots/tea bags/my table/unknown people:

See our partially-eaten pretzel with part of Jamie's hand:

Sourdough bread never tasted so good okay. And that is a recommendation from me.
The iced chocolate is also the sex.

Thanks again, ah ying for that day's makan.. *hwugs* It wasn't cheap okay? 2 drinks + one pretzel is around RM 50. But overall, the food, drinks and atmosphere is great.


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