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online shopping (sponsored by PPP)

*NOT an advertisement*

I have just been relishing the feeling of online shopping.

As Borat would say, "Very nice, I like".

And I wanna say that I <3 PPP. Without it, I would never have gotten myself a Paypal account. Without my Paypal account, I would never have been able to shop at online luxury boutiques. Without being able to shop at online luxury boutiques, I would never have been able to add to my collection of handbags and also other people's collection of handbags. (Yes, ladiesand gentlemen, this year, if you have been friends with me for a really long time and if you get something a little(or alot) nicer for your birthday which is not bought from here, thank PPP hor. =P

The penguin's boyfriend's mother is getting something for her birthday(which has been paid in a way by PPP). I've already ordered and paid for it. Will show you pictures when it arrives hor.

So what I wanna say is there really is no bullshite involved in the PPP program; if you blog and enjoy blogging, why not get paid for it as well?

ah ling

P.S: This is NOT a paid post but it sounds like one, doesn't it?.
P.P.S: Someone(not going to reveal the name here) has REVIEWed one of MY POSTS and it is currently pending. Whoever you are thank you =).

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!