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*Advertisement time*

RockStartup, RockStartup. What do you think i am talking about? Well, if you are a reality show junkie just like me, then you will be interested in what I have to say here.

Well, you should all know that I write for PPP right? RockStartup is basically a reality show about the "promise, the perils, the pride, the pressure, the pain and pitfalls of launching a web 2.0 company" (<-in their own words). See what happens when a bunch of crazy fun-loving get together in their own reality show, bringing situations you would never have thought about 'to life'.

So far, my favourite episode would have to be Can't Hardly Weight . Watch the PPP team members get all gung-ho at first when Ted Murphy (CEO of PPP, also known as the 'Catfeeesh Guy') gets everyone to weigh themselves and after that, tells everyone that there will be a weekly weigh-in. It strikes a chord with me (and probably most people too) since people are never happy with their weight or have issues with how their bodies look like, yeah, basically we humans can never be satisfied with what we have.

Watch Veronique and Britt as they try in their own way to lose weight. Veronique is simply hilarious to watch. I like the way she says "Don't judge me" while munching on something (food, probably) and the way her facial expressions change when she realises that her impending diet plan cuts out bread.

Basically the only thing which I want to see more of is the PPP team! It's nice to be able to put a face to what are mostly just names in the PPP website and news. So, I feel that the clips should be a little bit longer. Other than that, I love the show!

Happy Watching!

Can't Hardly Weight .


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