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I have quite a lot of naughty things i want to say here.

But I can't. Today, I'm in my *innocent girl* mood, which means I'll get shy *simpers*

Hahaha! You should know that I FAIL! FAIL! being a good girl...

Actually I lied. Too lazy to write it down now, and i'm getting cranky cos' I'm beginning to feel hunger pangs, but i can't go eat yet (okay, actually I can) since I want to wait for the penguin boyfriend to take out for lunch. Pork mee soup!!! Now, since i've established that I want to eat pork mee soup, the only thing keeping me from my food is the penguin boyfriend. Have to convince him that I will absolutely DIE! if I don't get to eat it today, so he must drive me all the way down, pay toll, wasteburn petrol, brave traffic jams and pay for my meal!! Hmm, time to work on my powers of persuassion...

Have a good weekend, people.

ah ling

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