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Wifi oh wifi.


I keep hearing the penguin boyfriend and his friends talking ceaselessly about stuff like Cisco routers and other services like VOIP which are used in business. (Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you have not guessed already, well, the penguin boyfriend is a tech geek.)

But I digress. The whole point is that if you have never ever heard about wifi , please go shoot yourself. In the head. Sure, almost everyone of us has heard about wifi, but what does it do, exactly?

Well, in short which I can best explain without the inclusion of tech jargon, is that it is a wireless network. With this wireless network, employees or users of this network are able to access information at anytime of the day regardless of where they are, and this means that mobility is built into the network. On top of that, mobility helps transform the way organizations do business ; it is a plus-factor for business which do embrace this particular solution.

To know a little bit more about wifi and also to check out what other products Cisco has to offer, check out the links above. Ladies, check out the site and impress your other half with newly acquired knowledge.


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