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Paintball, paintball.


Probably the only people who can say that they got shot in the head multiple times, and shot just about anywhere and everywhere else in their body and actually "lived to tell his or her story" is either one heck of a lucky soul, or it could be that the person plays paintball.

I find it quite a coincidence that I went for my first ever paintball session yesterday with the penguin boyfriend and some friends and also my youngest brother and today I get an opportunity to write about a website dedicated to paintballers, regardless of which part of the earth you are currently at.

The website is huge and informative as well. Looking to buy what is called a marker or paintball gun? Check out the paintball classifieds to grab great deals. Not sure if the marker you wish to buy is worth the buy and will help you shoot your opponent in the head every time? Head on over to the paintball gun reviews.

Actually, I realised yesterday that paintball is more than a sport where you aim and shoot (okay, that just sounded somewhat wrong, but it's just me). Instead, it actually encourages you to plan and execute your decisions strategically and quickly (hey, paintballs are flying all over the place out in the field), and to trust your team mates while out in the field.

By the way, did I mention that I got shot in the head, and I also got a really nasty monster bruise from a shot in the arm? This is not to scare any of you potential paintballers, but to let you know that just like in any other sport, there will also be 'scars' to show for.

But in case you do want to see how paintball is played and want to witness the action for yourself (minus getting shot anywhere), I do suggest that you go see the many free paintball videos which are available in the forums. Go watch those amazing people in action (also known as professionals) play a mean game of paintball. Watch them in awe, in fact. And if after watching those videos and you are just itching to try out paintball yourself, give me a call okay.


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