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tagboard down?

i was wondering whether or not to take the tagboard down since it seems to be pretty much dead, but then i saw a message from jon there, so it stays ( for the time being anyway).


And just to blog that i did weigh myself, and i lost 2 kg. But what a horribly terrible way to do so, i'd rather go on my green apple diet and get the same results.


Tried the KFC fish burger yesterday. It tastes like the orange fishfish anyway.
We were looking for a place to sit, and one of KFC's workers were 'ushering' us to the seats at the back ( or so we thought). Actually turns out he was saying 'tak boleh duduk kat sana, sudah nak closing'. Tiu. Summore the boyfriend and i were marveling at KFC's new way of value-added service. Turns out we weren't the onli couple to think that too, cos another couple did the same thing later too.


Yesterday's episode of EVerybody Loves Raymond on astro was pretty funny.

Hank 'n' Pat require your presents on blablablabla...

*Attire optional

hahah! presents, as in gifts, not presence and attire optional instead of black-tie optional, which means that nudity is okay. =.=''''''

If my wedding invitations were to be like that, i'd rather have no wedding.Although it would be interesting to witness eh?

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!