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the first post of the year!!

So how was your new year celebrations anyway?

I managed to drag the penguinboyfriend to Aloha. OMG. I never thought that anyone would be able to sing a live remixed, sexed-up version of the 'lau shu ai ta mi' song (mouse loving the rice, a chinese song sang by TWINS) o_O". Damnit, clubbing in Malacca is so not like clubbing in Kay Elle. Another thing I hate to bitchcomment on is the way that some girls there dress!! Way over, man!! It would be fine if they were moonlighting as Go-Go girls, but......


I was bored that day, so I took pictures of Sweety and Candy's lil' doggie butts.

Sweety(british cocker spaniel) butt:

Candy(yellow labrador retriever) butt:

Sweety with nose to the ground :

Candy's turn:

Candy in her cage:

Sweety and Candy:


Me working in one of the most farking 'chap' places in Malacca Plaza Hang Tuah, Malacca (24th Dec - 25th Dec 2005)

Mickey Mouse limited edition hp with one of the balloons on display (which i later took home!Muahahaha!!)

Me and Abang Amin(supervisor):

Me and Kak Rose(Abang Amin's wife). My arms look so fat!!!:

Sharon and Sharron:

Sharron the cam hoe:

Btw, I curled my hair before going to work in those pictures...Hmm..I still prefer straight hair though.

Im so going to buy my next handphone from Malacca. Damn cheap leh!! I got to check out the clipboard that those handphone dealers look at whenever you ask them for a discount, and guess what!! I could have gotten the N70 with a zitron warranty for onli RM2000!!! And when i came home i found out that my dad bought that phone for RM2400 for my mum. Gah.


To the 5 people invited for dinner this Saturday(7th), please remember that dinner is at 6 pm!! Don't be late yah?


Also i just realised that I've been in Malacca for two weekends in a row...lalalala.

This year there should be quite a few weddings to attend. We heard from Derian that the Ah Hwa and the 'no-brained idiot who loves to brandish his 6-inch knife' (Yes, it really is a knife. What did you think i was referring to ar?!!) should be getting married in June. The boyfriend refers to them as stupid and Dumb.

Who is Stupid and who is Dumb? I wanted to know. He told me that it was up to me...o_O..blardy..... But seriously. If you think we're being harsh, well, you've obviously never known all about the stupid behaviour of those two friends of the boyfriend.


Here's a belated list of my New Year resolutions:

1) Finish my course without failing any subject
2) lose more weight
3) Yak less on the phone ( die-lor, last month's phone bill is gonna kill me)
4) Go for more holidays with the boyfriend (go back to Lang Tengah and get our diving licenses!! and also get blacker again)
5) Be more patient
6) Spend less money ( how when there are always nice things around?!)
7) Take more pictures ( for memories when i get older and more wrinkly)
8) Live like there's no tomorrow and be more grateful


Looks like I'll be officially legal this Thursday (5th), but I can't wait for this Saturday..YAY!!!

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!