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more pictures!!

Somehow or other I happen to be in the mood for....(not for sex-lah! actually also can...heheh.) ..blogging-lar!
I'm supposed to be in class in a little while, but it's such a nice day to be home!! Also quite a few of my classmates are up in Genting.


Pictures taken @ TGIF for the sole purpose of pissing Jamie off :

TGIF's fantabulous Mocha Mud Pie:

Guess who is eating the mud pie?


I asked a few of my friends about how old they thought he looked.

Emral - 18
Peter - 18
Wei Ling - 13 or 14

And a few others whose guesses were around those figures.
And they say that he looks cute. =.='''''

Look at the little boy again :

I have another 12 days or so to go get his 27th birthday pressie. I can see my money flying away already... *sniffles*


Saw Eugene's 'Special Edition Marlboros'.

Nice packaging eh?

It opens SIDEWAYS, just like those zippo lighters.


Suddenly am feeling sleepy. Time for my afternoon nap then..

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!