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salted fish is in the air..

not love. yes, well, actually its the smell of salted fish. Blergh..

i broke my shopping ban today. ( Bad ah ling. BAD BAD BAD ah ling.)

not onli is she bad, she is also broke now.. =(
but its all good!! i love the stuff i bought!! ^_^ *happi!!* (<--to quote Joyce)


yesterday night in Mr W.K's car:

ah ling : what's the name of the hamster cartoon i like? ( Hamtaro!!)

him : ermm...erm...

ah ling : WHAT? you don't remember? it's not as if i haven't told you the name

him : ermm.. Mashimaro ar? *sweat*

ah ling : NO. So? If you can't get it right i'm going to whack you on the head with
my sandal.. *takes off right sandal*

him : *sweats even more excessively* any clues?

ah ling : it's a HAMster..

him : *silent for a really really long while and eyes raised sandal pensively*
Hamtaro!!! the orange or brown one right *exhales*

ah ling : yes. but i onli like the orange one.

him : i'm colourblind lah. Sometimes orange looks brown and sometimes brown
looks like its orange.



One another note, anybody wants to teach me the Melbourne Shuffle??
Guess not huh....

Mood : Eeeep.
music : Modjo - Lady

PPP Direct I adopted a cute lil' mouse fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!